My current body of works is a pathway, a journey to infinity. I even can’t say that these are works but these are just something like a chemical process or I am saying a spiritual process and these are some path prints of that very process.
A journey is not always from anywhere to somewhere, but a journey can also be from nowhere to nowhere, in search of the nothingness and within our own life, body, mind and soul.

I used the body, my own body as a tool, as a medium or even as a media of this journey, or I can say that, I haven’t chosen but the process of these works have decided all the material things  like media and even the visual presentation of these thoughts and this ongoing journey.

Life, death, life after death and different believes and processes, rituals related to these things have always worked as a catalyst for me. From my childhood days I have been seeing the contentious and spontaneous deaths of my loved ones including my brother, sister, and other relatives. But those innocent childhood memories were just a shocking realities, I never can think about those things on a philosophical or spiritual basis. Death was than not a phenomenon but a cruel reality for me. It was like a empty space, a endless waiting for someone who will not come again in our life.
But when I came to Varanasi, the city of big burning ghats, the city of oldest myths and a big ongoing business of death and the rituals related to death. The hues presence of vermillion colour at every where, on the walls,  on the temples, on the clothes of saints, in the sky, even in the water with the reflection of sun and walls and temples.  These all things have inspired me, I had a very old nostalgic filing with this vermilion colour from my childhood, and these all elements are coming in my work with different references.

I am also incorporating  different yogik and meditative forms in these works, hence I am a trained painter and painting is my discipline the process of image making and the final image is most attractive and inspiring thing for me.
I have been working in different techniques, Medias and styles but the attraction of 2-d surface works all the time unconsciously in my works.

With these different subjects, ideas and concepts , I also want to use different yogik mudras(postures) and meditative forms not just as an inspirational or conceptual ideology but as a active part of the work, as the base of the work, in form of interactive workshops with masses with the teaching and exchange of this valuable educational and spiritual art and then I also want to use that very process of yoga, meditation, interactive and performing art and different forms created during these whole process. The relation of body and space, different forms of the body, the shadow and also the surroundings were always been an important part of my work. Now I want to use this process with a larger number of people, the end product will be a painting, or a photograph or a sculpture or an installation but I am still saying that it will not be the end product, but just another aspect of that journey, some more footprints. My inspirations life and death both are endless than how can be this journey get its end.

Words by – Ritesh RS

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