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'Paradoja' / 'Paradox'

by B Ajay Sharma

03/09/15 at 7pm @ Cervantes Institute,New Delhi-India

� वरोधाभास

My search is about the existence of life and death.

I am interrogating the existential question in virtual as well as in the real world.

I am using the different tools and mediums of visual art to explore the possibilities of the subject. I have been exploring ‘THE YOGA VASHISTA’ for many years.

It’s a kind of description of dialect. It’s representation of being, is supposed to be the mirror of the super consciousness and parallel entity.

These philosophical enquiries led me to my space and image explorations. Even we are exploring the quantum machine, black hole existence and where we are now in this cosmos.

Our human existence allows us to find out the point of big bang and the mystery of extreme darkness is still unsolved.

These both paradoxes are very similar to enigma of existence. We don’t know where we are. We are just witness of space in time axis which is called Dwandatmak(enigmatic). This complete situation is the ‘lied paradox’.

My complete series is based on the witness of people and time. PILAR is one of the symbolical poetess and her poetry itself is abstract and metaphor of life.

About the exhibition: Last year the Indian artist Ajay Sharma was I Spain, thanks to the arts residence program carried out by Neilson Gallery (Grazalema, Spain),NIV Gallery (New Delhi, India) and Hero Groups India . During his stay he had the opportunity to meet and discover the poetry of Pilar Paz Pasamar. This exhibition is the result of the deep impact that that discovery made in him. This exhibition is possible thank to the support of Basu Foundation for the Arts. On the opening there will be the live performance "Shuny Than" (The empty space) by Jaskaran Singh Anand (dance), Hardik Verma (sitar), Amul Khumar Jha (tabla), K. Harish Singh (poetry) and Ankita Sharma (video).

Neilson Gallery - C/Dr Mateos Gago 50-54, 11610 Grazalema, Cádiz, España. -   Tlf.: (+34) 956 132 433 /  678 244 077


¡Al fin, todo depende del salto y del empuje!

¡Saltar sobre la vida, sobre tiempos y espacios!

Largo y negro es el lomo, la embestida,

negro y bravo es el reto del acrobática.

Medir con la mirada la anchura de la fiera

y volar sobre ella, del testuz a las ancas,

¡Saltar entre cuchillos, volar, ese es el modo!

¡Todos nacemos desde un misterio que embiste!

In the end, everything depends on the jump and the push!

To leap over life, over time and space!

Long and black is it’s back, it’s thrust,

black and fierce is the acrobat’s challenge.

To measure with the eye the beast’s breadth

and fly over it, from horns to hind legs.

To jump through knives, to fly, that is the way!

We are all born from the thrust of mystery!

Pilar Paz Pasamar

Trad Ursula Neilson