Chema Cobo :   (1952 -)
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With the work that will be shown in the India Art fair 2014, Chema Cobo (Tarifa, Cádiz 1952) provides us with a very different vision of his work from the one that he offered us in his early years, which, in the 1980s, positioned him as one of the most renowned artists of the Madrid Figuration. With this first showing of the work in India Cobo frees his work from all unnecessary gesture and ditching colour in favour of more subtle tones, which dissolve banal images in light and give his work a dimension of awkward silence.

The exhibition allows the public to discover Chema Cobo, whose works are a faithful reflection of the complexity of things, a complexity that he neither fears nor avoids approaching; a perfect harmony between skill and a lack of fear that even manages to transform space into fiction. Through the acquisition of this plastic dimension, space itself becomes a piece of art in its own right.

An untiring creator who has not allowed the passing of time or trends to make him weary or staid, his idea of painting goes far beyond the visual aspect to bring thought to the fore. In one of his aphorisms, he considers that painting frees images from the dictates of their usual representation. In fact, the approach that Chema Cobo take to his work does not aim to capture reality; for him, each painting is a construction of the mind through which an unusual universe manifests itself on the art scene.
Therefore, the work shown is the very essence of Chema Cobo, a person for whom painting is the only way of expressing himself and saying things; an artist who has no qualms about accepting different influences and for whom intuition plays a crucial role in the conception of his work.
  Extract from Fernando Francés – Director of CAC Málaga – Centre for Contemporary Art – Spain.

"...Light changes, time goes by, you see shadows you haven’t seen before, you see the lights that allow you to see these shadows and then a sort of intermediate world takes shape, a situation “between” things that can be seen and things that can’t, things that are said and things that aren’t, the past and the present..."
Chema Cobo

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