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Juan Angel  Gonzalez de la Calle  (b 1956)

The artist is an observer of the world.
With this, almost court sentence, I will give a few personal reflexions on the work that you see before you.
In the past the influences on creative work often came from a geographical context. Today due to the enormous quantity of information from tools such as the internet, this has given another way of seeing the world, the globalization of the IDEA.
The artist from his studio has at hand, if he choices all the necessary information that he needs to carry out his work. This Information is instant and one only needs to digest and interpret it in a personalized manner-
Or in another way of looking at things, re-interpret them.
This is what I do.
Misplaced landscapes with misplaced people. Things that only occur in the imagination, in the emotions.
It is within the field of emotions that I work.

In my paintings I do not try to achieve perfect colours or forms, rather the colour necessary.
Equilibrium and the harmony is what I try to achieve and express. My work comes from a multidispinary background. After many years of painting with oils I have found that for me acrylics is best suited as an instrument to realize my last works.

The speed and the immediacy that acrylics allow, gives me the ability to achieve the sensations that I want to express in my work.

Which is the conversion of the idea to an emotion.

I observe the world and interpret it in the moment.
Quiet, serene, perhaps, so not as to fall into despair.