Mallorca 1966

Pep Guerrero is an internationally acclaimed and valued Spanish artist.
His creativity gives way to endless possibilities that he develops in an open and inventive manner.

Guerrero’s paintings and intervened objects are imprinted with his characteristic signature, making them recognizable at first sight. When we contemplate his work we immediately identify ourselves with them, as if part of their personal history were also our own. This doesn’t happen by chance.

His work is like a jigsaw puzzle, its pieces being fragments of Art History.
His bold eclectic compositions are a melting pot of previous artistic movements. The aesthetic result is exquisite.

The classic icons of our collective memory appear amongst exotic patterns, traditional designs, classicist landscapes, pop art, or amongst all these elements at the same time. Guerrero’s art has no boundaries.
When Pep Guerrero transfers these elements to the recycled objects of his choice (tables, toys, suitcases, etc.), he infuses them with a new Vintage Art identity, a fetishist spirit. His unique objects are both fun and desirable.

His cosmopolitan art work forms part of a multidisciplinary project that fits in and develops along with the work of other artists he is involved with. His collaboration with the designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for her New York shop and his designs for Camper shoes are successful examples of this symbiosis

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