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26 Mayo - 26 Junio: 2014 Grazalema


21 Junio 2014 a las 12:30  en la Galeria



Concept and Inspiration
My art is inspired by spirituality and sensuality. It encompasses humanness, passion,
peace and love. I wish to convey to the mankind through my paintings a more relaxed
and peaceful life from the rat race. To pause and to breathe nature, to repose and to
Nature is a vital part of my paintings as I feel a strong connection towards nature. For
last many years I pass by the Delhi Cant. area in the morning and the lush green nature
all around playing hide and seek with the light inspired me to work on it. I often see the
hustle bustle of the cityscape spoiling the atmosphere, the nature and the inner self
which one can resolve through a peaceful existence as one has to overcome the three
universal sufferings- hate anger and greed. There is a need to re-examine the whole
concept of happiness and I want to show this by depicting love, peace and humanity as
art has the power to see things in a new light.

When I work before my canvas I have concepts ready with me as I first do several
drawings and layouts to reach the right way of creating my work. While painting
soulascapes rather than re-creating a landscape on canvas, I aim to express its essence.
My abstract work is an amalgamation of the two forms- abstract and representational,
where one is left free to interpret whatever one wishes to as well as make a connection,
using the interplay of light color shapes and perspective.I tend to work with unusual
tools rather than brushes as to create some innovative textures and tones as there are
innumerable combinations of patterns and textures in the nature which I want to
capture and depict. I find myself communicating with my work as I often view my
paintings from different angles to create sense, world insight and boundlessness.

Treatment- Colours and Textures
The colour- daughter of light is an intimate part of the essence of nature which is
represented with great importance in my works. As a colourist I use the mood to
transform landscape into a soulscape, bright colours to represent energy, life and joy. I
like to layer and lift the paint onto the canvas while maintaining the beauty, purity and
tones of various colours. Although I work mostly with acrylic and water colours, I enjoy
all mediums including mix-media.Textures have taken special role in my paintings which
I create by unusual tools and techniques. These textures give tonal value, movement
and patterns of light and perspectives to my paintings.

Goals and Aspirations
Through my artistic substance I want to give my viewers peace of mind. My hope as an
artist is that when you view my work it should evoke an emotion, a memory or a
connection to something personal for you, the viewer. I want to take the mankind away
from the chaotic environment and show them a universe full of beautiful forms and
shapes with ethereal beauty and mysticism. My current journey is a creative adventure
that reaches out to something beyond the image, through the image and within the
image. As an artist I want to find a balance between detailed realism and bold
impressionism. I want to approach each new canvas as a challenge and a fresh

Mantra For Life-
Be simple, don’t compete with anyone. Competition leads to jealousy, depression and
other negative feelings.
My competition is with myself for my better growth. My moto is to meet everyone with
a clear heart and be straight forward.
Anita Tiwary