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Prehistoric cave painting in La Cueva de la Pileta, Benaojan.  Aprox 25000 BC
This group show aims to give a panoramic view of contemporary art in  west Andalucia by a group of middle generation artists.
The exhibition ‘De las Cavernas a las Cumbres’ (‘From the Caves to the Peaks’) showcases the work of  6 Andalusian artists whose paintings are separated from the cave paintings in La Cueva de la Pileta near Benajoan  by 20,000 years.
It is a simple journey in time in a very concrete setting.

‘De las Cavernas a las Cumbres’ reflects on human development through artistic thinking, symbology, magic; how we see and interpret the world we live in, the investigation into who we are and our history through art.
The same mysteries, similar quests...
A jump in time, from the Cave to the Peaks, from the Cueva de la Pileta to Grazalema,  from the Palaeolithic to the Contemporary era, from the first Andalusian Painters to the Andalusian Painters of the 21st Century.

Although Andalusian contemporary art is exploring new media and technologies, in essence it remains pictorial and heavily influenced by the baroque tradition and related styles. It is of great materiality and texture; exuberant, colouristic, imaginative, sensitive and honest - a reflection of the character of this land.