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Felipe Ortega Regalado  

Felipe Ortega-Regalado’s expression of Nature and Landscape has never intended to reproduce scenes or vistas, but rather to create a personal imaginary, surrealist to the extent that it is outside reality, and enter a investigative process in which the genre leads to the elaboration of a mental construction not from what ones sees but from what one imagines.  

The landscape in his work, like a cultural creation, is something that is built from given elements, either on their own or combining them, to recreate a scene.  An emotional work, that is not superficial, but implies an intellect that draws from the depths of his sub-consciousness, the key to these strange mutant figures.

In his work he avoids fashions and mannerisms of the artistic world in which we currently live, and its tendency to assume trends without analyzing them, assimilating gestures that were born already dead.  Felipe Ortega-Regalado’s work only resembles itself, although not without an attentive observation of what goes on around it and beyond our frontiers.